What to work on next...?

David Round
What to work on next...?

What to work on next...?

One of the things I want to get better at is knowing what to do next.

I have always been pretty good at fitting bigger, strangely-shaped tasks into my day (I liken it to a game of Tetris), but knowing what to work on next, when I can work on anything, has been a bit of a struggle.

That’s where my Personal Kanban board has really started to help - although the list of what I could work on is huge, breaking it down into :

Backlog - ideas and possibilities, still in the design/thought stage;

Ready - I know how and what I need to do, I just need to do it;

WIP - work in progress - the three, and only three, most important Ready tasks)

means that I always know where I should be spending my next big chunk of time (and a list of smaller ‘adminy’ tasks in my A6 means I’m also getting better at knowing what to do if I have a spare 10 minutes).

I’ll never be a master of productivity, that doesn’t mean I can’t get better than I was before….

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