Dustbin-Lid Thinking...

David Round
Dustbin-Lid Thinking...

Dustbin-Lid Thinking

I LOVE the story of Amstrad satellite TV dishes from the 80’s - quoted £30-£75 per unit by traditional dish manufacturers, Amstrad applied sideways logic to travel via dustbin lid makers (“it’s the same shape and made out of metal”) to end up having them made for less than £3 by the same people making car hub caps.

Traditional thinking, refined over many years can be really useful to help us avoid making the same old mistakes, but never forget that the world, and the people in it, are constantly moving forward, and so the foundation of that ‘traditional thinking’ might now be built on sand.

So if you’re struggling to move forward on that same old problem, ask yourself if ‘dustbin lid thinking’ might be what YOU need to start moving forward….

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